Walk-in Urgent Care

List of Services

We offer walk-in urgent care services such as: fish hook removal, stitches, sick visits, strep test and urine test, etc. No appointment needed, just come on in!

Physical exams

DOT exam 100

Coast Guard exam 100

Dive Physical 100

Fit For Duty 100

Pediatric Sports Physical 50

Pediatric School Physical 50

Urgent Care Visit 

Level 1: consultation & exam with nurse practitioner and Rx 150

Level 2: includes a test: urine, strep, flu, rsv, covid, glucose; eye exam or ear lavage; minor wound care such as cellulitis 200

Level 3: procedures: stitches, fish hook removal, abscess I&D, burn care, major wound care  300

We can remove skin tags, toenails, splinters; we provide a multitude of wound care and follow up wound care is always free


Xeomin botox 13 per unit, 50$ off with 50 unit purchase, ask about our specials

Versa lip fillers 700

Facial fillers 700 per syringe

IV wellness & Vitamin injections

IV Wellness Therapy 

Hangover Helper-Dehydration IV Therapy  200

Myers vitamin infusion 200

Migraine/Sunburn Therapy IV 250

Immune Punch IV 250

Beauty Glow IV 250

Performance IV 250

Recovery IV 300

Make it a Double IV 300

IM Vitamin Boosters 

Glutathione 50

Skinny Shot 50

B12 Shot 50

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